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Surly Moonlander

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Ok so this one is a bit of a niche item, but boy howdy does it make us smile. A couple years back Surly introduced a bike called the Pugsley. It had 3.8″ tires and 65 mm wide rims (We’ve got a custom one all built up. It’s one of our favorite personal bikes, but more on that later.)

The Moonlander is Pugsley’s chunkier brother. Take a silly traction inducing wide tire/rim combo, make it 18mm wider and add almost a full inch to the tire dimensions and you start to understand just how wide this thing gets. It’s awesome. Think of it like a monster truck bike.

Some call it a snow bike. Yeah, it does that. Some call it a sand bike. Yeah, it does that. Honestly though, once you get past pointing and laughing at the thing it can actually ride through all sorts of stuff that a “normal” bike just can’t really handle. It’s fun, a bit odd, and definitely gets back to a bit of that good ol’ fashioned joy of just riding a bike.