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Spot Ajax Belt Drive

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This is quite possibly the perfect commuter bike. Take a normal bike, then get rid of the stuff that can get dirty, greasy, need frequent tuning, and break.

The Spot Ajax has a super simple, super clean belt drive. No dirty pant cuffs, done.

Add an internal 8 speed hub. No dirty out of tune derailleurs, done.

Super clean mechanical disc brakes that work great wet, dry, dusty, you name it. Done.

Aluminum frame for a low maintenance ride. Done.

Reasonably relaxed geometry so you aren’t hunched over having your own personal time trial on the way to work. Done.

And to top things off, it’s got mounts for racks, fenders, and anything else you might want to strap down to this bike. Done.

Like we said, it’s the perfect commuter.