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Ritchey Break Away

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At Beehive Bicycles we understand that sometimes you have to travel to a race, hopefully to exotic locations or at least warmer locales for a couple days. The rough translation is that we dig frames that can be split, folded, and generally packed in TSA approved baggage sizes. There are a couple ways to do this, and Ritchey’s Break away frames are one of the cooler ways to do so without getting a fully custom bike.

The seat tube has a dual clamp that clamps the top tube and the rear triangle to the seat post independently. Combine that with a super small strong “patented locking compression sleeve” for the down tube and you’ve got a packable bike. Weight penalties are minimum (about 100 grams). And subtract a hundred bucks each way from your travel expenses every time you fly with it.

Ritchey makes these in both road and cross versions so you can take one to Alpe d’Huez and one to a crazy Belgian cyclocross adventure.