A little bit about the shop.

Beehive Bicycles was founded with the idea of offering unique bikes and personal service to the Salt Lake City cycling community. Beehive Bicycles is committed to offering U.S. made and local products when available. The Beehive is friendly, and always willing to offer advice or just help change a tube.

We love bikes, all bikes. Beehive Bicycles loves the simple feeling of riding a bike, a little wind in your hair, your heart pounding in your chest, and the childlike freedom that cycling provides. Every choice we make is geared towards helping you find that little bit of bliss.

Beehive Bicycles is located in the 15th and 15th neighborhood of Salt Lake City. We love it here, great access to bike lanes and Emigration Canyon is just 2.5 miles from the front door. We love the community feel and the ability to walk next door and get a bagel or espresso before a ride.

It all began…

This idea…began with lunch with a dear friend. Sitting on the patio of Caputo’s with a meatball sub, amazing company, and a thought…

“That would be a good place for a bike shop” I said aloud.

“You should call” – She said.

So I stood up, walked over and in typical fashion, clicked a photo of the number to remind myself to call about the space…

Greg Steel

Greg Steel

Owner and Head Bike Geek

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